Cy-Clone x Hillbilly Bone
$350/Dose - no overrun

• Cross
• Stress Negative

Will see heavy use here
Sound, comfortable skeleton
Monstrous bone
Most moderate Hillybilly boned pedigreed boar we have seen
As stable and correct of a rear leg while on the dummy as any boar as I have seen
The mothers of the 2013 and 2014 Grand Champion Barrows at the Iowa State Fair are both included in his pedigree

Freak Show
Freak x See My Point x Outta Reach

Mother made Champion Middleweight Gilt 2017 Iowa State Fair
Grandma made 5th Overall Barrow 2017 WPX

Hurricane "58"
Hurricane x Colt 45
$200/Dose - Please call for Overrun Prices

• Cross

Littermate to 3rd Overall 2017 Iowa State Fair FFA Market Hog Show
Mom is a consistent generator and she herself is a mate to our 2014 Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt at the Oklahoma Youth Expo
Elevated and stout
Good Looking with great proportionalities

Hurricane "31"
Hurricane x Wedding Crasher x Hill Billy Bone
$100/Dose - Please call for Overrun Prices

• Cross

• Mega Stout and powerful
• Huge legs
• Big Muscle
• Wide and Big Ribbed


Hurricane "78"
Hurricane x Best Man (Wedding Crasher’stoutest Mate sis)
$200/Dose - Please call for Overrun Prices

• Cross

• Crazy stout skull with a studly jawbone
• Big feet with big legs
• Size of his tail root is very impressive
• Spread of dewclaws is very good
• He is shaggy haired!

Zebo (Best Man x No Fare) x Best Man
$100/Dose - Please call for Overrun Prices

• Cross

• Lined up Best Man
• Very exotic and wild front end
• A Changer
• More elevated but still short backed

Wedding Crasher
Best Man x Unrated x Recovery
$200/Dose - No Overrun

• Stress Negative

Wedding Crasher at 11 months of age

Reserve Grand Champion Market Barrow
2016 Fort Worth Stock Show
Congrats to the Wolf Family and Heimer Hamps
Sired by Wedding Crasher


Rammer Jammer
Man Child (No Hesitation x Springsteen x Tapp Datt x Space Monkey) x (Poison x Power Drive x Warfare x Alias 17-2 x Space Monkey x Monkey Breath)
$150/Dose - Please call for Overrun Prices

• Crossbred
• Stress Negative
• Bred by HF Genetics, TX

Impeccable skeleton and running gear
Awesome rise of neck out of top side of skeleton
Attractive and shapely
A linebred crossbred boar with some great heritage